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Bach transcribed many of his works for use as keyboard concertos soon after accepting the directorship of the Leipzig Collegium Musicum;  the D major and G minor harpsichord concertos (from the E major and A minor violin concertos) for example. These transfer easily to the organ, minimal adaptation being necessary. The  arrangements may be viewed and printed from the following blue-coloured links. 

 Click to view. 


1. Organ Concerto in D (BWV1054)

(Allegro - Largo - Allegro assai)

Arranged by Bach from his E major violin concerto. 

The complete work may be printed from the following links: 

D major Harpsichord Concerto 1 (First movement) 

D major Harpsichord Concerto 2  (Second movement) 

D Major Harpsichord Concerto 3   (Third movement)

D major title page                           (Title page)


2. Organ Concerto in G minor (BWV 1058)  

(Allegro - Andante - Allegro)   

Adapted by Bach from his A minor violin concerto doubtless for use at the Leipzig Collegium Musicum concerts which he directed over an eight year period from 1730. 

The complete work may be printed printed from the following links: 

G minor Concerto 1   (First movement)

G minor Concerto 2   (Second movement)

G minor Concerto 3   (Third movement)

G minor title page      (Title page)


3. Cantata No.35 adapted as an Organ Concerto in D minor:  

(Sinfonia, Andante,  Allegro assai)

Cantata 'Geist und Seel wird verwirret' BWV 35  probably originated as a violin or oboe concerto. This arrangement for organ by David Rogers uses the opening sinfonia reduced to two-part counterpoint, an aria in trio form, and one the sinfonias from the original cantata for the final movement. 

 All  three movements may be viewed and printed from the following links: 

Bach Organ Concerto 1   (First movement)

Bach Organ Concerto 2   (Second movement)

Bach Organ Concerto 3   (Third movement)

Title page Concerto in D minor.pdf   (Title page) 



4.  Miscellaneous Organ Transcriptions

Chorale Prelude: 'Sanctify us by Thy Grace'    Chorale from Cantata 22.pdf

Arioso: Cantata 156 'Behold I Stand at the Threshold' Cantata 156 Sinfonia.pdf

'Komm süsser Tod'    Komm susser Tod.pdf

Concerto in A (Allegro) BWV 1055   A major concerto 1.pdf  

Closing Chorale from Christmas Oratorio Part 6  Christmas Oratorio Closing Chorale

Cover page  Christmas Oratorio COVER.odt